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Special Collections & Archives: Special Collections Home

Webpage for the Daniel A. Reed Library Special Collections & Archives department.

Daniel A. Reed Library

Special Collections & Archives Division

Hours of Operation

During the Fall & Spring Semesters, regular hours for the Special Collections & Archives Division of Reed Library are:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

To make a Research Consultation Appointment for the use of Special Collections materials, please complete the Research Consultation Request form

Walk-in requests are not accepted, and appointments are mandatory.

Student Work Opportunities

We are not currently taking applications for Special Collections & Archives Student Worker positions for the Fall 2021 semester.  If you are interested in working in Special Collections & Archives, please submit a resume/CV to Mandi Shepp (, the Coordinator of Special Collections & Archives, for future consideration.  

The Special Collections & Archives Division also offers internships to aspiring future archivists, curators, librarians, and more.  Internships in SC&A are customized experiences built to focus on the development of a particular set of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Preservation & Conservation
  • Outreach & Programming
  • Digital Projects/Digitization
  • Exhibit Creation
  • Special Collections Librarianship
  • Archives & Records Management
  • Policy Creation & Revision

If you're interested in a Special Collections & Archives Internship, please email Mandi for more information about the process.

Archives News & Updates


If you need to work with materials in our collections, it is strongly recommended that you make a Research Consultation Appointment Request by filling out the form under the Research @ Special Collections tab. 

During this in-person or virtual appointment, Special Collections & Archives staff will work with you to discuss your research needs and make recommendations for which materials in our collections could fit that need.  After your Research Consultation Appointment, you will be able to schedule a Research Appointment with Special Collections & Archives staff to come to the reading room and use your requested materials.

As with other public spaces on campus currently, you are required to wear a mask during your time in the Special Collections & Archives Reading Room, and you will be asked to wash your hands before using any research materials.  These regulations may change as the semester and academic year progress, so please be sure to check this page for updates regarding use of the Special Collections & Archives reading room. 

Please email the Archives Clerk for general research inquiries or the Coordinator for Special Collections & Archives with any questions, concerns, or for more information about the research consultation and research appointment processes. 

Collection Highlights

Photograph of William W. Cease with Jaguar, ca. 1964. LRH002.30 William W. Cease Papers

photograph of a smiling man in a tan jacket next to a Jaguar sports car

Photograph of Fredonia Normal School building, ca.1890. UC008.03 Photographs, University Collections & Records Archive

Black and white photograph of original Fredonia Normal School building, an imposing Gothic structure with spires and a central spired dome over the main hall.

Map of Lands Reserved by the Indians According to the Treaty Made with Them in 1797, 1797. DC004.02 Holland Land Company Maps, Holland Land Company Archives Digitized Microfilm

Courtesy of Municipal Archives of Amsterdam; Nederlandse Document Reproductie B.V.


Historic hand-drawn map of the Western region of New York State, including what are now Chautauqua and Erie counties, from the Holland Land Company Maps digital collection

Photograph of Alfred Zweig, Arosa, 1934. SC001.04 Stefan Zweig Collection, Alfred Zweig Collection

black and white photograph of a man wearing sunglasses and a coat seated on a bench with his pet Dachshund.

Cover of Sigurd Rascher Plays the Saxophone, 1960. SC002.10.1 Audio Recordings, Sigurd M. Rascher Collection

vinyl record album cover for Sigurd Rascher Plays the Saxophone.  Features stylized drawings of saxophones and marching band members in red and white costumes.

Tin Type Photograph of Abriam Orton, ca. 1860s. LRH002.19 Abiram Orton Papers

historic photograph of man in Civil War Union Soldier uniform holding bayoneted rifle.

Interior of Victorian Valentine, ca. 1900s. LRH002.35 Valentines, Nichols Ephemera Collection

antique drawing of Cupid hammering a heart surrounded by poem text

Photograph of Maytum Hall Sit-In Protest, 1970. UC008.03 Photographs, University Collections & Records Archive

black and white photograph of a large group of students crowded in a curved hallway

Correspondence of Benno Geiger to Stefan Zweig, 1910. SC001.01 Correspondence, Stefan Zweig Collection

handwritten letter in German cursive script

Photograph of Meeting at Forest Temple, Lily Dale Assembly, ca. 1910s. LRH002.26, Lois Potter Collection

black and white photograph of a Victorian-era crowd seated on rough-hewn benches in front of an open-air temple structure in the woods

Photograph of Fire at Fredonia Normal School, 1900. UC008.03 Photographs, University Collections & Records Archive

historic photograph of the original Fredonia Normal School building (Gothic-style structure shown earlier in this series) after it burned down; the spires and dome and roof are mostly gone, with smoky windowed walls still standing in a snowy landscape.

Headshot Photograph, Sigurd M. Rascher.  SC002.08.3 Visual Media - Photographs, Sigurd M. Rascher Collection

black and white portrait photograph of a man (Sigurd Rascher) with bushy hair wearing glasses and a suit and tie.

Postcard of Fox Cottage at Lily Dale Assembly, ca. 1910. LRH002.35 Western New York Postcards, Nichols Ephemera Collection

postcard image of a small cottage in the woods; hand-colored photograph

Photograph of Two Women Sawing a Log at the College Lodge, ca. 1950s. UC008.03 Photographs, University Collections & Records Archive

black and white photograph of two women in the woods using a two-person saw to cut a log in half.

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Where We Are In The Library:

Special Collections & Archives are located on the 1st floor of the Carnahan-Jackson Center (accessible through the main floor of the Daniel A. Reed Library) on the campus of the State University of New York at Fredonia. View a Google Map of our location.

Phone & Email:

Contact the Archives Clerk at for general inquiries, or contact the Coordinator of Special Collections & Archives directly.
PH: +1 716-673-3183


To make a research appointment for the use of Special Collections materials, please complete the Archives Research Consultation Request form.
Walk-in requests are not accepted, and appointments for the use of materials are mandatory.

Daniel A. Reed LibraryThe State University of New York at Fredonia • 280 Central Ave., Fredonia, NY 14063 • 716-673-3184 • Fax: 716-673-3185 •