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Special Collections & Archives: Local & Regional History Collections

Webpage for the Daniel A. Reed Library Special Collections & Archives department.

Local & Regional History Collections

Local & Regional History Collections

Our Local & Regional History Collections cover a variety of time periods and topics within the rich history of New York State, especially the Western New York region, towns within Chautauqua County, and persons and places in and around the Village of Fredonia.  Time periods range from 1800 through the present day, with over 500 linear feet of materials.  These collections illustrate various historical movements from a multitude of perspectives and showcase some of the incredible stories of our local, regional, and state history.  Materials include papers, photographs, maps, books, objects, and ephemera.


Regional History Collections cover historical movements and topics from across the Western New York region, including Erie, Monroe, and Cattaraugus counties, and broader New York State history throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Chautauqua County History Collections include a variety of materials covering a wide span of the County's history, from the early nineteenth century through the present day, and represent a number of villages, towns, and cities throughout Chautauqua County.

Village of Fredonia History Collections represent some of the village's most notable residents and organizations and include a wide range of material types from manuscripts to objects covering the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

To view a collection's finding aid, please click on the blue collection title and the finding aid will open in a new window or tab. 

If the collection title is not blue, this means there is not currently a finding aid available.

Regional History Collections (LRH001)

LRH001.01   Marilyn Haas School District Library Collection

This collection provides information on the New York State school system libraries as a whole as well as regional information and includes business papers, ephemera, and book volumes.

LRH001.02   Luther G. Kerr Papers

This collection includes correspondence, genealogical materials, biographical materials, photographs, and business materials with regards to World War II and the Erie Canal.

LRH001.03   Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes Records

The Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes (CWVNW) was formed in 1974 to study the reprocessing operation of the nuclear fuel and buried waste practices at the West Valley nuclear site. The Coalition's monitoring, advocating, lobbying, litigating, and acquiring of scientific, federal and state government information on West Valley has been met with modest success over the years, including helping to implement the West Valley Demonstration Project of 1980. The Coalition exists to this present day, continuing to advocate for the proper maintenance, containment and disposition of nuclear wastes and promote environmental awareness of citizens and elected officials.  This collection is the record of its organization and activism efforts.

LRH001.03.01   Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes Records Addendum

In 2015 and 2016, new additions to this collection were donated to the archives by several Coalition members.  In 2018, with the help of a Documentary Heritage Preservation grant from the New York State Archives, the new materials were added to the existing Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes Collection, with the process being finalized in March 2019. 

LRH001.04   Western New York Zines

This is a collection of locally-published, small-print zines focused on political and social issues in Western New York, the New York Southern Tier, and northern Pennsylvania during the later 20th Century.  Filled with interesting prose and creative illustrations from local underground artists, these countercultural publications show a different side of local and regional history. 

Finding Aid forthcoming.

LRH001.05    Western New York Organizations Publications

This is a collection of publications from organizations all across Western New York, including non-profits, hobbyist organizations, and government groups.

LRH001.06    Western New York Anniversary Booklets

This is a collection of booklets created for town, village, county, and municipal anniversary celebrations, such as bicentennials and sesquicentennials, across Western New York.

LRH001.07     Western New York Pamphlets

A collection of pamphlets written and/or published by Western New York authors, organizations, and publishers, primarily concerning topics related to Western New York history and culture.  These pamphlets were formerly part of the Western New York Books collection and have been deselected from the catalog and rehoused as archival materials for preservation purposes.

Chautauqua County History Collections (LRH002)

LRH002.01    George Lawrence & Alvah Lawrence, Jr. Papers

This collection of letters includes information from Alvah Lawrence Jr. and George Lawrence during the American Civil War.

LRH002.02    Peacock Family Papers

The Peacock Family Papers comprises business and financial records, legal papers, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks and maps pertaining to the estates of William Peacock, his grandson, Charles E. Peacock, and his grandson, Donald Evans Peacock. The bulk of materials relate to Charles E. Peacock, including both personal and financial records, particularly related to the Peacock and Rood Vineyards.

LRH002.03    Charles Murray Harrington & Sophia Gibbs Harrington Papers

This collection consists of correspondence between Charles Harrington and Sophia Gibbs during their courtship in the mid-nineteenth century.

LRH002.04    Samuel L. Frushone Papers

This collection includes letters, photographs, and postcards, personal papers, and documents from the Frushone family of Jamestown, NY.

LRH002.05    Glen M. Burt & Maude L. Dean Papers

This collection consists of correspondence between Glen Burt and Maude Dean during their courtship in the early twentieth century.

LRH002.06    Calvin A. Mark & Frances Durfee Papers

The papers primarily concern correspondence and writings of Frances A. Durfee prior to her 1860 marriage to Calvin A. Mark.

LRH002.07    Rider Family Papers

This collection comprises family and business correspondence spanning four generations of the Rider family.

LRH002.08    Day Family Papers

This collection consists of the family and business correspondence, personal papers, and business papers of the Day family.


This collection number is currently available.

LRH002.10    Morgan Lewis Granger Papers

This collection is made up of 29 diaries kept by Morgan Lewis Granger.

LRH002.11    Kate Hoffman Cook Papers

The collection consists of family, legal, and business correspondence, subject files, and physical objects.

LRH002.12    Esther F. Hopper Papers

The collection consists of eight diaries and two diary fragments written by Esther F. Hopper of Forestville, NY during the early twentieth century.

LRH002.13    Lt. Gov. Stanley N. Lundine Collection

This collection is undergoing processing.  Partial finding aid available.

LRH002.14    Robert F. Young Collection

The Robert F. Young Collection comprises the author’s short story, non-fiction, and novel-length manuscripts and typescripts; correspondence; the author’s drafts, revision, plot outlines, and other notes relating to each story; copies of published stories; clipping files from newspapers and magazines; some foreign translations of his stories; novel and anthology publications; and photographs.

LRH002.15    John D. and Evangeline Griswold Diaries

This collection is composed of diaries kept from 1896 through 1958 written by John D. Griswold and his sister Evangeline Griswold.

LRH002.16    Chautauqua County League of Women Voters Papers

This collection includes meeting minutes and ledgers of the Women Voters organization throughout the later twentieth century.

LRH002.17    Daniel A. Reed Collection

This collection is composed of personal papers, correspondence, and some physical objects associated with or belonging to Daniel A. Reed.

LRH002.18    Legters Family Papers

This collection consists of letters written to Clarence T. Legters from his family, following his time serving during World War I.

LRH002.19    Abiram Orton Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, subject files, and photographs in regards to Abiram Orton during his service in the Civil War.

LRH002.20    Steven Littlefield Mead Papers

This is a collection of the personal papers and sermons of Methodist minister Steven Littlefield Mead from the later nineteenth century.

LRH002.21    Thayer and Neate Family Papers

This collection consists of personal correspondence between the Thayer and Neate families during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

LRH002.22    Eric Mighells Papers

This collection is composed of personal papers and correspondence to and from Eric Mighells.

LRH002.23    Thomas D. Phillips Papers

This collection consists of diaries, correspondence, personal and business correspondence relating to dairy farmer Thomas D. Phillips.

LRH002.24    Carroll C. Anderson Papers

This collection is composed of personal papers and correspondence taking place during Anderson's service in World War II.

LRH002.25    Linda Malcolm Papers

This is a collection of business papers from Chautauqua County Legislator Linda Malcolm during the course of her term.

LRH002.26    Lois Potter Collection

This collection comprises the correspondence of the Cooley family, various business and legal papers from Chautauqua County families, and photographs of Lily Dale, NY.

LRH002.27    Ball Family Papers

This collection is primarily composed of family correspondence during military service, largely from World War II with a smaller portion from peace-time in the mid-1950s.

LRH002.28    Huntley Manufacturing Company Records

This collection is composed of various ephemera from the Huntley Manufacturing Company.

LRH002.29    Frank Drago Papers

This collection highlights the late nineteenth/early twentieth-century musical career of Frank Drago and is mostly comprised of sheet music and photographs.

LRH002.30    William W. Cease Papers

This collection comprises the business and personal papers, patents, and drawings of early twentieth-century industrial pioneer William W. Cease.

LRH002.31    Chautauqua County Cookbook Collection

This collection is composed of a variety of cookbooks either compiled or authored by individuals or groups from Chautauqua County.

LRH002.32    Chautauqua County Historical Ledgers

This collection comprises several ledgers for various businesses across Chautauqua County.

LRH002.33    Browder-Wallenberg Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories 

This collection is currently being processed and digitized, Finding Aid and Digital Collection forthcoming.

LRH002.34    Ely Family Photographs

This is a collection of six 19th-Century ambrotype and daguerreotype photograph portraits of various members of the Ely family of Stockton, NY.

LRH002.35    C. Malcolm Nichols Ephemera Collection

This is a collection of various pieces of ephemera representing the industries, personal lives, and businesses of Chautauqua County throughout its history. It was collected and donated by historian C. Malcolm Nichols throughout his lifetime and contains artefacts used for his research, including early postage and currency for Chautauqua County towns and villages. 

LRH002.36    Williams Family Photographs

This collection is currently being processed, Finding Aid forthcoming.

LRH002.37    Charles W. Stanton Papers

This collection consists of letters written by Charles W. Stanton to his wife, Maria, during his time serving as a soldier in the American Civil War.

LRH002.38    Barton-Willoughby Collection

This collection comprises several early cased photographs and documents relating to land ownership by the Barton family, related to Clara Barton, and the Willoughby family of Sheridan, NY.

LRH002.39    Alta Eggleston Papers

This collection consists of letters written to Alta Eggleston, Harmony School Trustee, and documents relating to the Harmony School.

LRH002.40    Chautauqua County Development Group Industrial Information Center Publications & Papers

This collection is currently being processed, Finding Aid forthcoming.

LRH002.41    Chautauqua County Industry Publications

The collection comprises booklets, brochures and magazines published by various businesses and industries in Chautauqua County, New York.

Village of Fredonia History Collections (LRH003)

LRH003.01    Grace Richmond Collection

The Grace S. Richmond Collection contains extensive personal and professional correspondence; manuscript and print versions of Richmond’s writings; family photographs and memorabilia; appointment books of Richmond’s husband, Dr. Nelson C. Richmond; original artwork by Herman Pfeifer for Richmond’s novel The Brown Study; and audio recordings.

LRH003.02    John S. Lambert Papers

This collection is primarily composed of personal papers and legal research for Judge John S. Lambert, and also includes the mysterious Van Buren Life, a manuscript written by local artist Anna Clift Smith, which can be seen in our digital collections page.

LRH003.03    IOOF Rebekah Lodge No.184 Records

This collection primarily consists of the business records of the Rebekah Lodge 184, The Golden Sceptre, along with various Odd Fellows and Masonic materials from local organizations.

LRH003.04    Dunkirk-Fredonia Business and Professional Women Papers

This collection comprises business correspondence, meeting minutes, and newspaper clippings regarding this local organization.

LRH003.05    Alonzo Wheelock Papers

This collection is currently undergoing processing and is unavailable to researchers.  Finding Aid forthcoming.

LRH003.06    Fredonia Baptist Church Records

This collection covers over 100 years of meeting minutes, bulletins, membership lists, sermons, and other business and congregation papers related to the operation of the Fredonia Baptist Church.  Includes some items that describe the church's history with the Underground Railroad.

LRH003.07    Fredonia Italian Immigrants Oral Histories

This collection of oral history interviews with Italian American immigrants from the Fredonia area are currently on cassette tape with plans to be eventually released as a digital collection.  Transcripts and tapes are available for research. 

Reference Files (LRH004)

LRH004.01    Vertical Files

LRH004.02    Flat Files

Local & Regional History Manuscripts (LRH005)

LRH005     Individual Manuscripts

This collection consists of individual manuscripts that are unrelated to other Local & Regional History collections but are topically related to Local & Regional History.

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