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Special Collections & Archives: University Collections & Records

Webpage for the Daniel A. Reed Library Special Collections & Archives department.

University Collections & Records Archive

The University Collections & Records Archive collects materials of enduring historical value and certain non-current records that document both the administrative activities of the State University of New York at Fredonia and its overall history.


Please note that not every category listed below is represented with a Finding Aid; the departmental lists below are intended to structure and organize unprocessed collections materials and expected acquisitions.

The wide variety of University Collections focuses on documenting the history of SUNY Fredonia as an institution and its growth and development as a State University of New York campus from its humble beginnings as a local academy.  Our University Collections feature materials from alumni, faculty, and student organizations of the Fredonia Normal School, Fredonia Academy, and SUNY Fredonia throughout its rich history and demonstrate how the Fredonia Experience has changed their lives.  

Decisions on collection development in the Records Archive are informed by the SUNY Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, as well as by the input of key university departments and individuals.  

To view a collection's finding aid, please click on the blue collection title and the finding aid will open in a new window or tab. 

If the collection title is not blue, this means there is not currently a finding aid available.

Collections from the Office of the President (UC001)

 UC001.01 President’s Papers

UC001.01.1    Oscar Lanford Papers - This collection is currently undergoing processing. Finding Aid forthcoming.

UC001.01.2    Dallas K. Beal Papers

UC001.02 College Council Records

UC001.02.1    College Council Meeting Minutes

UC001.03 Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Records

UC001.03.1 Council for Women’s Concerns

UC001.03.2 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Council

UC001.04 Convocation Planning Committee

UC001.04.1 Convocation Papers

Division of University Advancement, Engagement & Economic Development Records (UC002)

UC002.01 Career Development Office

UC002.02 Fredonia Technology Incubator

UC002.03 Native American SUNY: Western Consortium

UC002.04 Program Evaluation Center

UC002.05 Office of Alumni Affairs

UC002.05.1   Alumni Affairs Publications

UC002.06 Fredonia College Foundation

UC002.07 Marketing and Communications (formerly Public Relations)

UC002.07.1    Campus Reports

UC002.07.2    The Statement Magazine

UC002.07.3    Faculty Newsletters

UC002.07.4    Campus Employee Handbooks

UC002.08 Design Services (formerly Publication Services)

UC002.08.1    College Catalogs and Bulletins

UC002.08.2    Commencement Programs

UC002.08.3    Commencement Videos

Division of Finance and Administration Records (UC003)

UC003.01 Accounting Office

UC003.02 Budget Office

UC003.03 Campus Assessment Office

UC003.04 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

UC003.05 Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability

UC003.06 Facilities Planning

UC003.06.1     Campus Growth & Structural History Collection

UC003.07 Faculty Student Association

UC003.07.1     FSA Publications & Papers

UC003.08 Office of Sponsored Programs (formerly Research Foundation)

UC003.09 Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration

UC003.10 Human Resources Office

Division of Academic Affairs Records & Collections (UC004)

UC004.01 University Senate

UC004.02 College of Education

UC004.03 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

UC004.03.1    The Obsidian: Black Literature in Review Archives

UC004.03.2    WCVF Radio Station Scrapbooks

UC004.04 College of Visual & Performing Arts

UC004.04.1    Mummers & Pierians Programs

UC004.04.2    Mummers Collection

UC004.04.3    Theatre & Dance Publications

UC004.05 School of Music

UC004.05.1    School of Music Programs

UC004.05.2    Hillman Memorial Music Association Collection 

UC004.05.3    Western New York Music Festival Scrapbook

UC004.05.4    School of Music Papers & Ephemera

UC004.06 School of Business

UC004.07 Office of Graduate Studies

UC004.07.1    Master’s Theses, Creative Projects, & Creative Works

UC004.08 Rockefeller Arts Center

UC004.08.1    Rockefeller Arts Center Collection

UC004.09 Office of Academic Advising

UC004.09.1    Faculty Advising Handbooks

UC004.10 Center for Regional Advancement

UC004.11 Educational Development Program (EDP)

UC004.11.1    EDP Peer Advising Handbooks

UC004.12 Office of International Education

UC004.13 Daniel A. Reed Library

UC004.14 Registrar’s Office

UC004.14.1    Registrar Office Publications

UC004.15 Study Abroad

UC004.16 Academic Support Services

UC004.16.1     CIRClings Newsletter

UC004.17 Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR)

UC004.17.1    Student Research & Creative Activity Expo Publications

UC004.18 Vice President for Academic Affairs

UC004.18.1    Faculty Handbooks

UC004.18.2    Academic Affairs Calendars

Division of Student Affairs Records & Collections (UC005)

UC005.00 Division of Student Affairs 

UC005.00.1     Division of Student Affairs Annual Reports & Assessment Updates

UC005.01 Admissions Office

UC005.01.1     Recruitment Bulletins

UC005.02 Athletics

UC005.02.1     Fredonia Athletics Publications

UC005.03 Campus Life

UC005.03.1     Campus Life Publications

UC005.03.2     Orientation Publications

UC005.04 Intercultural Center (formerly Center for Multicultural Affairs)

UC005.04.1    Multicultural Affairs Scrapbooks & Albums 

UC005.05 Student Association

UC005.05.1     Student Government Association Handbooks

UC005.05.2     Student Periodical Publications

UC005.05.2.1     The Fig

UC005.05.2.2     Miscellaneous Publications

UC005.05.3     New Student Record Archives

UC005.06 Office of Veterans Affairs

UC005.06.1    Vietnam Photographs

UC005.07 Office of Residence Life

UC005.07.1    Residence Life Papers

UC005.08 Office of Financial Aid

UC005.08.1    Financial Aid Publications

Student Organizations & Groups Collections (UC006)

UC006.01    The Normal Leader & The Leader Student Newspaper Archives

UC006.02    Yearbooks Archive (Fredonia Normal School and The Fredonian)

UC006.03    Freshmen Yearbooks

SUNY Fredonia Faculty & Alumni Collections (UC007)

UC007.01    Faculty Collections

UC007.01.1    Music Faculty

UC007.01.1.1    Walter S. Hartley Collection

UC007.01.1.2    Robert W. Marvel Papers

UC007.01.1.3    Thomas Regelski Papers

UC007.01.1.4    Lawrence Wyman Sax Performance Programs

UC007.01.2    Visual & Performing Arts Faculty

UC007.01.2.1    Alice Bartlett Papers

UC007.01.2.2    Jewel Helen Conover Papers

UC007.01.2.3    Daniel D. Reiff Collection

UC007.01.3    Liberal Arts & Sciences Faculty

UC007.01.3.1    Robert Rie Papers

UC007.01.3.2    John T. Everett Jr. Papers

UC007.01.3.3    David Meerse Collection

UC007.01.3.4    William Chazanof Papers

UC007.01.3.5    William Hagan Papers

UC007.01.3.6    Allan Benton Collection

UC007.01.3.7    Thomas & Gerda Morrissey Ephemera Collection

UC007.01.4    Faculty Groups

UC007.01.4.1    Nelson C. Wood/SUNY Fredonia Emeritus Association

UC007.01.4.2    Faculty Dames Collection

UC007.01.4.3    Faculty Activism at Fredonia Collection

UC007.02    Alumni Collections

UC007.02.1   Alumni 1949-1999

UC007.02.1.1     Michael Reid Papers

UC007.02.1.2     Alumni Oral Histories

Reference Collections (UC008)

UC008.01    Flat Files

UC008.02    Vertical Files

UC008.03    Photographs

UC008.04    Handbooks

UC008.04.1    The Compass Student Guidebooks

UC008.04.2    Miscellaneous Handbooks

UC008.05    Directories

UC008.05.1    Campus Telephone Directories

UC008.05.2    SUNY Fredonia Alumni Directories

UC008.05.3    Fredonia Normal School Alumni Directories

Collections of SUNY Fredonia Centers & Institutes (UC009)

UC009.01    Education Museum Collection

Fredonia Academy & Normal School Historical Collections (UC010)

UC010.01    Alumni Collections

UC010.01.1    Reuben E. Fenton Collection

UC010.01.2    Florence Maud Andrews Papers

UC010.01.3    Dorothy E. Wilson Scrapbook

UC010.01.4    Irene Romaine Scrapbook

UC010.01.5    Lt. General Louis E. Woods Collection

UC010.01.6    Cross & Lake Family Correspondence

UC010.01.7    Howard Blaisdell Papers

UC010.02    Faculty Collections

UC010.02.1    George G. McEwen Collection

UC010.02.2    Franklin Nelson Jewett Papers

UC010.03    Institutional History 

UC010.03.1    Cornerstone Collection

UC010.03.2    Founder’s Papers    

UC010.03.3    Normal School Memorabilia

UC010.03.4    Campus Event Programs

UC010.03.5    Fredonia Academy Student Publications

UC010.04    Newsletters

UC010.04.1    Fredonia Newsletters

University Collections Manuscripts (UC011)

UC011     Individual Manuscripts

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