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Reed Library: Friends of Reed Library

About the Friends

The Friends of Reed Library is a college community group organized officially in 1973, with these specific aims: 

  • To increase awareness of and interest in Reed Library
  • To help the Library acquire new and important materials to enhance its special collections 
  • To promote the Library's growth and development, especially in such areas as local history and special collections 
  • To provide interesting and enriching cultural activities for Friends members 

Since its founding, Friends of Reed Library has increased holdings and improved facilities, and has:

  • Made important contributions to Library furnishings
  • Provided financial support for the purchase of art works and the framing of such works 
  • Acquired an 1804 map of "Morris Purchase" or "West Geneseo," made for the Holland Land Company 
  • Beautified the courtyard of Reed Library, an outdoor study and reading area, purchasing tables and chairs and redesigning the surrounding landscape area with new plantings 
  • Maintained a steady, growing membership and achieved a stable financial situation

Publications Supported by Friends

  • Smith, Anna Clift. Anna Clift Smith's Van Buren Life, with an essay on Anna's Life and Times
    • The book is available for sale in Reed Library, the Campus Bookstore and in local gift shops and bookstores.
      Colorful postcards and bookmarks related to the diary can also be purchased.
      For more information, please call the Library Director's office at (716) 673-3181.

  • Zweig, Stefan. Thanks to Books. Translated by Dr. Harry Zohn
  • Zweig, Stefan. Farewell to Rilke. Translated by Dr. Marion Sonnenfeld
  • Anna Clift Smith's Van Buren Life
    This project digitized the journal Anna Clift Smith’s Van Buren Life, owned by Fredonia, and set up access to a hosted website for common editing as well as community and campus use. The project's purpose was to use a local author and local materials to encourage students within the county, both at the college and K-12 level, to use digital materials for learning, exploration, and creation.


Thomas and Gerda Morrissey, Co-Presidents 
Trudy Wojcik, Vice President 
Joan Lyons, Treasurer

Contact Library Administration at (716) 673-3181

Friends Members

  • Suggest that a most fitting way to honor a loved one is with a Library Memorial
  • Are interested in the development of special collections and the support of the general collection
  • Encourage local institutions (professional organizations, businesses, churches, schools, etc.) to consider Reed Library as a logical depository for historical records
  • Allow any donation, other than membership dues, to be earmarked for a particular use the donor specifies (for instance, to add to local history, or to buy CDs or microfilm), so long as it is appropriate to Reed's collection development policy

Join the Friends of Reed Library!

You can be a part of this dynamic group. Joining is educational, satisfying and fun. Yearly activities for Friends of Reed Library include an annual meeting in the fall with distinguished speakers or other entertainment. 

Membership in Friends of Reed Library entitles you to: 

  • A courtesy card authorizing you to library privileges, including borrowing books and internet access from Reed Library. Family membership entitles each member of your family to these privileges.
  • Enjoyable social activities
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are a public benefactor of the first order 

Fill out a membership form (below) to join.

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