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Welcome to Reed Library's comprehensive guide on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a dynamic field focused on creating intelligent machines capable of human-like tasks. As AI transforms industries and pushes boundaries, understanding its principles and ethical aspects is vital for academics and researchers. Explore the evolving narrative of AI with us, offering an intellectual journey tailored for students and those intrigued by this transformative field. 

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Key Terms

To further introduce yourself to AI, explore the key terms listed below.

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems. AI can mimic human capabilities such as communication, learning, and decision-making.

AI Ethics

AI ethics refers to the issues that AI stakeholders, such as engineers and government officials, must consider to ensure the technology is developed and used responsibly. This means adopting and implementing systems that support a safe, secure, unbiased, and environmentally friendly approach to artificial intelligence.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a function of AI that imitates the human brain by learning from how it structures and processes information to make decisions. Instead of relying on an algorithm that can only perform one specific task, this subset of machine learning can learn from unstructured data without supervision.


Hallucination refers to an incorrect response from an AI system or false information in an output presented as factual information.

Large-Language Model

A large language model (LLM) is an AI model trained on large amounts of text to understand language and generate human-like text.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is about teaching computers to learn from data. Instead of telling them what to do step by step, we give them examples to learn from so they can figure things out themselves.

For more key-terms check out Coursera's A-Z Glossary of AI Terms

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