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Music Collection: Find Scores

The Music Collection guide.

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Map of Reed Library Music Collection

How to Read Call Numbers

Call numbers are used to identify individual works. A call number is divided into lines: each line gives distinct information about the work. You can find a score's call number on the cover of the work.

Example Description
M The first line of a call number contains the work's class. The class indicates the subject of the work. Class M is exclusively used for music scores.
260 The second line of a call number contains the work's class number. Class numbers organize works within the same class into subcategories. Class M uses class numbers from 1 to 5000.



A class number is typically followed by one or more Cutter numbers. A Cutter number is a combination of letters and numbers exclusive to an individual composer, arranger, title, publisher, etc.
1975 A call number typically ends with one or more lines about the work itself. This can include a date of composition, date of publication, opus number, volume number, etc.

Digital Scores

Getting Scores Not Available at Reed Library

Interlibrary Loan services allow current Fredonia faculty, staff, and students to request books, articles, book chapters, and other materials that are not owned by Reed Library.

For more information, visit our guide on ILL.

Find Scores by Instrument


LC Call Number Description
M6 → 14 Organ Solo
M1005 Organ Concertos (Full Score)
M1006 Organ Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M20 → 39 Piano Solo
M200 → 213 Piano, 4 Hands
M1010 Piano Concertos (Full Score)
M1011 Piano Concertos (Accompaniment arranged for 2nd piano)


LC Call Number Description
M40 → 44 Violin Solo
M217 → 223 Violin with Keyboard
M1012 Violin Concertos (Full Score)
M1013 Violin Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M45 → 49 Viola Solo
M224 → 228 Viola with Keyboard
M1014 Viola Concertos (Full Score)
M1015 Viola Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M50 → 54 Violincello Solo
M229 → 236 Violincello with Keyboard
M1016 Violincello Concertos (Full Score)
M1017 Violincello Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)

Double Bass

LC Call Number Description
M55 → 58 Double Bass Solo
M237 → 238 Double Bass with Keyboard
M1018 Double Bass Concertos


LC Call Number Description
M115 → 119 Harp Solo
M272 → 273 Harp with Keyboard
M1036 → 1037 Harp Concertos


LC Call Number Description
M125 → 129 Guitar Solo
M276 → 277 Guitar with Keyboard
M1037.4.G8 Guitar Concertos


LC Call Number Description
M60 → 64 Flute Solo
M240 → 244 Flute with Keyboard
M1020 Flute Concertos (Full Score)
M1021 Flute Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M66 → 67 Oboe Solo
M245 → 247 Oboe with Keyboard
M1022 Oboe Concertos (Full Score)
M1023 Oboe Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)

English Horn

LC Call Number Description
M110.E5 English Horn Solo
M270.E5, M271.E5 English Horn with Keyboard
M1034.E5 English Horn Concertos (Full Score)
M1035.E5 English Horn Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M75 → 79 Bassoon Solo
M253 → 254 Bassoon with Keyboard
M1026 Bassoon Concertos (Full Score)
M1027 Bassoon Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M70 → 74 Clarinet Solo
M248 → 252 Clarinet with Keyboard
M1024 Clarinet Concertos (Full Score)
M1025 Clarinet Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M105 → 109 Saxophone Solo
M268 → 269 Saxophone with Keyboard
M1034.S4 Saxophone Concertos (Full Score)
M1035.S4 Saxophone Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M85 → 89 Trumpet Solo
M260 → 261 Trumpet with Keyboard
M1030 Trumpet Concertos (Full Score)
M1031 Trumpet Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M80 → 84 Horn Solo
M255 → 259 Horn with Keyboard
M1028 Horn Concertos (Full Score)
M1029 Horn Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M90 → 94 Trombone Solo
M262 → 263 Trombone with Keyboard
M1032 Trombone Concertos (Full Score)
M1033 Trombone Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M110.B33 Euphonium Solo
M270.B37, M271.B37 Euphonium with Keyboard
M1034.B37 Euphonium Concertos (Full Score)
M1035.B37 Euphonium Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M95 → 99 Tuba Solo
M264 → 265 Tuba with Keyboard
M1034.T8 Tuba Concertos (Full Score)
M1035.T8 Tuba Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


LC Call Number Description
M146 → 147 Percussion Solo
M285 Percussion with Keyboard
M1038 Percussion Concertos (Full Score)
M1039 Percussion Concertos (Piano Accompaniment)


Vocal music is divided into two broad categories: secular (non-religious) and sacred (religious).

LC Call Number (Secular) LC Call Number (Sacred) Description
M1497 M1999 Collections
M1500 → 1529.5 M2000 → 2007 Dramatic Music
M1611 → 1624.8 M2102 → 2114.8 One Solo Voice

Find Scores by Ensemble


LC Call Number Description
M286 → 287 Two String Instruments
M288 → 289 Two Wind Instruments
M290 → 291 One Wind & One String Instrument
M296 → 297 One Wind & One Plucked Instrument


LC Call Number Description
M310 → 314 Piano & Two String Instruments
M315 → 319 Piano & Two Wind Instruments
M320 → 324 Piano, One Wind & One String Instrument
M330 → 334 Piano, One String & One Plucked Instrument
M335 → 339 Piano, One Wind & One Plucked Instrument
M349 → 353 String Trios
M355 → 359 Wind Trios
M357.4 Brass Trios


LC Call Number Description
M450 → 454 String Quartets
M455 → 459 Wind Quartets
M457.4 Brass Quartets
M460 → 464 String & Wind Quartets


LC Call Number Description
M550 → 554 String Quintets
M555 → 559 Wind Quintets
M557.4 Brass Quintets
M560 → 564 String & Wind Quintets


LC Call Number Description
M1201 Symphonies
M1202 Symphonic Poems
M1203 Suites
M1204 Overtures
M1242 Concertos
M1245 "Pieces" (works not fitting into other forms)
M1247 Marches
1247.9 → 1249 Dances

Choral Ensembles

Vocal music is divided into two broad categories: secular (non-religious) and sacred (religious).

LC Call Number (Secular) LC Call Number (Sacred) Description
M1500  → 1527.8 M2000  → 2007 Dramatic Music
N/A M2010-2017.6 Choral Services, etc.
M1530 → 1610 M2020 → 2101.5 Choruses


LC Call Number Description
M1001 Symphonies
M1002 Symphonic Poems
M1003 Suites
M1004 Overtures
M1042 Concertos
M1045 "Pieces" (works not fitting into other forms)
M1046 Marches
M1047 → M1049 Dances

Accessibility Statement

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