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Freedonia Marxonia: Freedonia Marxonia 2018

Freedonia Marxonia 2018 - "Influence of the Marx Brothers"

The main events of Freedonia Marxonia 2018 will be held October 4 and 5  
at the State University of New York at Fredonia's Reed Library and the 1891 Fredonia Opera House.

This year's theme is "Influence of the Marx Brothers." 

Activities will include an interview with a representative from the National Comedy Center,
a discussion by Matthew Hahn of his book, The Animated Marx Brothers,
and a presentation of An Evening with Groucho by renowned performer Frank Ferrante.


Freedonia Marxonia 2018!

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Freedonia Marxonia 2018 activities

This listing will be updated as details are confirmed.

Thursday, October 4

3:00 pm  Reed Library, State University of New York at Fredonia
Exhibit opening and welcoming remarks.  
Display of art contest submissions.
Cake in honor of Groucho's birthday (October 2).
Annual group photo with complimentary Groucho glasses.
7:30 pm  1891 Fredonia Opera House, 9 Church St., Fredonia
Screening of Horse Feathers .  In this1932 Marx Brothers film, Groucho is Prof. Quincy Adams Wagstaff, president of Huxley College. Zeppo is his son, and Harpo and Chico are football players aiming to win the big game.  There will also be prizes!

Friday, October 5

12:00 noon  Garden at Reed Library
Interview with a representative of the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York.  
2:00 pm  Reed Library Classroom
Screening of Duck Soup, the movie set in "Freedonia."
3:15 pm  Reed Library Classroom
Matthew Hahn will discuss his book, The Animated Marx Brothers.
7:30 pm  1891 Fredonia Opera House
Frank Ferrante brings his acclaimed An Evening with Groucho to the Opera House!

All activities are open to the public!  Everyone is welcome. 
Frank Ferrante's performance is a pay-what-you-will benefit.  All other activities are free.

The Freedonia Marxonia exhibit runs through Sunday, October 21.  (Please note - the library is closed Oct. 13 and 14 for Fall Break, with reduced hours Oct. 11 and 12.)

Freedonia Marxonia Art Contest
All ages and skill levels welcome to participate.  Use any medium.  Submissions due October 1.
First prize - $100, second prize - $75, third prize - $50.  Submit entries to Cindy Yochym in Reed Library.
Contact Information
For more information, contact Cindy Yochym at
Freedonia Marxonia is supported by the Hahn Family Freedonia Marxonia Fund of the Fredonia College Foundation.

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