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3D Printing: Our 3D Printing Gallery

Our 3D Printing Gallery

Welcome to Re3D's Printing Gallery!  


In this space, we showcase recent prints that have been selected as shareable from the Re3D Print Request Form.  If you'd like to see your print featured in the future, be sure to check "Yes" on the section of the form that asks if Re3D can use an anonymous photograph of your printed 3D model submission.  


Thanks to those who have chosen to share their prints via the Re3D LibGuide and social media accounts, we look forward to sharing more of your creations with the SUNY Fredonia community! 

Re3D Print Gallery: 2021-2022 Academic Year

Re3D Print Gallery!

We're proud to feature designs and prints created by students in this gallery space.  If you'd like to see your print featured here, be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the 3D Print Request Form.

two video game themed light switch plates

Among Us & Creeper Light Switch Plates

Chameleon shaped pen holder

Chameleon Pen Holder


Switch Game Box

Nintendo Switch Game holder Shaped Like Pokeball

Pokeball Game Holder

box for pokemon cards

Pokemon Card Box 500

octopuses and ghost

Octopus and Ghost

jackolantern bowl disassembled and assembled


a six sided die


ear saver for cloth masks

Surgical Mask Strap Remix

door stop with jackolantern decoration

Jack-o'-lantern door stop with carpet claws

man lying on side and pointing in band uniform




frog instrument

Frog instrument

Argonian Mage

Argonian Mage






Mushroom 2. Designed By Laura Mollenkopf-Grill

Ditto pokemon


interlocked heart fidget toy

Fidget Heart

cat figure

Mel Cat

Sheep Coaster set

Slide together sheep model and coasters

Bulbasoaur Succulent Planter


Card holder

Card Display Stand

Greg earrings (from over the garden wall)

Greg Ear Rings


Screaming possum in a cowboy hat

Vampire Teeth For Cars

Minion Book End

Death Kitten Stencil Art


Wall mounted drum stick holder

D&D Mini's

Giant D20

The Pyramid Frame

Rotating Squirtle Pokemon


Now Playing Record Display Stand

Now Playing

Jet ski

Jet ski

two part hanging double A battery dispenser

AA Battery Holder

Pikachu (pokemon) dressed as Naruto


Gible (pokemon)


Charging dock for iPhone and apple watch

Apple Charging Station

Black box for trading cards

Deck Box

Kyogre (pokemon)


Infinitely Folding Boxes

Floppy Hinged T-Rex

Fidget T-Rex

Kirito funko pop style figure with two swords


Clip On Bow Tie with Skull for Knot

Skull Bow Tie

Skull with horns, and sharpened bone. used for pony tail

Demon Skull Bun Cage

Nook's Cranny location model from Animal Crossing

Nook's Cranny

pencil holder with holes slanted inward

Pencil Holder



Necklace with round objects


mesh vase with no end (Mobius loop)

Mobius Vase



Festivals Fredonia Logo

Festivals Fredonia Logo

Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand

One handed Book holder

One Handed Book Holder

Action figure Bases

Action Figure Bases

Among Us Keychain

Among Us Key Chain

Frog With Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Fred the Frog


Flute / Recorder

Frog Key Cap

Frog Key Cap For Mechanical Keyboard

Funko pop style dog

Funko Pop Dog

big articulated slug

Giant Articulated Slug

Dragon skulls and Coins

Dragon Skulls and Coins

hamster in giant ball robot

Wrecking ball

flexing muscle man with Garfield's head

Ripped Garfield

Luffy from one piece Anime


Folding cell phone holder

Folding Phone Stand

Smiling flower pot with little arms and legs

Fat Happy Pot

Long Haired long horned cow

Highland Cow

Small Dragon

Baby Dragon

Articulated Spikey Chinese Style Dragon

Articulated Fire Dragon

Millennium Falcon with Stand

Millennium Falcon

spikey articulated lizard

Thorny Articulated Lizard

Lego Octopus pendant

Lego Octopus Pendant

articulated smooth lizard

Smooth Articulated Lizard

Articulated Dragon With Fins

Articulated Water Dragon

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