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ReedSearch: Search strategy tips


It's all about narrowing-down your topic!

There are several ways to more efficiently find the information you're looking for:

  • Use quotes for multi-word names, titles, concepts, e.g., "Frank Lloyd Wright,"  "Of Mice and Men,"  "Progressive Era"


  • Use truncation, e.g., athlet* will retrieve sources with the words athlete, athletes, athletic, athletics, athletically


  •  Use AND, OR, and NOT to combine or exclude concepts, e.g.:

    • "jimmy carter" AND "habitat for humanity" will retrieve sources about President Jimmy Carter's work with the organization Habitat for Humanity.  (AND narrows a search)

    • zeppelin* OR dirigible* OR blimp* OR airship* will receive sources containing commonly used words referring to gas-filled vehicles in the air.  (OR broadens a search)

    • telescope* NOT hubble will retrieve sources about telescopes, but will eliminate any mention of the Hubble telescope.  (NOT excludes a concept)


  • Use the options in the drop-down menu:

Everything searches electronic and physical resources available through Reed Library, including the catalog.  This includes articles.

Reed Library Catalog searches for physical items in Reed Library, as well as e-books.


  • Use the limiters to the left of the screen.  These provide several facets on which you can narrow your search.  ("Held by Library" retrieves only items physically in Reed Library.)


You can use the Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option is to the right of the search box:



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