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Frequently Asked Questions: Technology

Questions on Technology

Q: What is the print quota?
A: At the start of each semester, each student receives $20 toward printing on campus. If you exceed the original $20 quota, you may add $3 at a time to your account by buying top-up cards available for purchase at the Circulation Desk using FREDfunds. For more information, see Information Technology Services' (ITS) page on the print quota.

Q: How do I print from my laptop?
A: Please see ITS' guide to wireless printing.

Q: What software is available in the library computer lab?
A: See this list of computers and software in the Library.

Q: Is there a copy machine or scanner in the library?
A: Reed Library has a copy machine and two different scanners. The copy machine is located in the microform room and copies are paid for using your FredCard. You must have money on there to do so. The scanners are located in the room behind the printers. 

Q: Are there CD / DVD / VHS / cassette / record players in the Library?
A: Yes, the Music Library has carrels with all of these forms of equipment. In addition, the pink and yellow study rooms include DVD/Blu-ray players.

Q: How do I use the microfilm/microfiche machines?
A: Instructions on how to use each microform machine are by the machine in the microform room. If you need additional assistance, please ask the librarian at the Reference Desk; if no librarian is at the Reference Desk, ask at the Circulation Desk.

Q: How do I create a hanging indent in Microsoft Word for my bibliography?
A: To create a hanging indent on your references page to comply with APA or MLA format, first select the text you want to format. Then, on the Home tab, click on the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the Paragraph section of the Ribbon. In the Indentation section of the Dialog box, use the drop-down menu under Special to choose Hanging Indent.
You can also create a hanging indent manually by clicking on the View tab and checking the Ruler box on the Show section of the Ribbon. Once the ruler is displayed, click and drag the bottom of the indent slider over to .5" and if it's not already there, click and drag the top portion of the indent slider back to the left margin marker.

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