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Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This guide provides answers to some of the most frequent questions at Reed Library. Select a tab from above to jump to a section of the guide.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact a librarian using any of the methods shown in the "Ask a Librarian" panel on each page.

General Questions

Q: When is the library open?
A: See the hours page.

Q: Why is the Library so noisy?
A: The first and second floors of Reed Library are open for group study. If you're looking for a quieter area, you can study on the first and fourth floors of the Carnahan-Jackson Center, which are quiet study areas (whispering only), or the second and third floors, which are silent study areas. For an exact map showing how much noise is allowed and where, see the Library map.

Q: Can I use the Tower Lounge?
A: Yes! Fill out the Tower Lounge request form.

Q: Can I use a study room?
A: Yes! Make a reservation through the study room booking page.

Q: I'm not affiliated with Fredonia - can I still use the library?
A: See our Community & Alumni page for information on using resources at Reed Library.

Ask a Librarian

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Individual research appointments

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