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EndNote Web: Creating References

Video Tutorial

Manually creating references

This page will help you create references in EndNote Web yourself. This will allow you to insert references for any sources you already have on hand.

To begin, hover over "Collect" in the menubar at the top and click on "New Reference."

In the dropdown menu on the page that appears, choose the type of source you're working with. Then fill out the fields relevant to your source that are used in your citation style. Be sure that you're capitalizing titles according to your citation style.

Here are examples of some common source types:

When you are citing a chapter from a larger book, choose "Book Section" as the reference type. "Title" refers to the chapter title, and "Author" refers to the chapter's author. If the entire book is by one person, that is the only contributor field that must be filled out, as in the first example below. If the chapter is an article in a book edited by others, add their names to the "Editor" field, as in the second example.

Note that when entering a citation for a newspaper article, the date (which is required for most citation formats) appears in the "Optional Fields" section.

Likewise, the URL for a web page is located in the "Optional Fields." Additionally, if your citation style requires that you include the name of the website on which a particular page appears, note that EndNote Web does not have such a field.

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