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Clover: About Clover

About Clover

Clover was born on May 10, 2021 in North Collins, New York.  She is a Cavachon, which is a mixed breed dog---part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and part Bichon Frise.  Her parents are Kerrie and Charlie Wilkes of Fredonia, NY. ( Kerrie is also the Interim Director of Reed Library). They adopted Clover during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Clover has made the Wilkes family very happy, and they are glad to share her with Reed Library and SUNY Fredonia.

Clover's is a kind, fun-loving puppy that loves to be loved.  She enjoys having belly rubs, being petted, having her picture taken, and  meeting new people in Reed Library.  Her favorite toy is her squeaky rubber bone and she loves to chew on Nylabones and lick peanut butter out of a Kong. She also love naps...lots and lots of naps.  She likes to be read aloud to and her favorite books are Charlotte's Web, Frog and Toad and Bunnicula.  She also loves all of her Reed Library Aunts and Uncles (a.k.a, the faculty and staff at Reed Library).  

Clover is a therapy dog, and earned her vest and certification by attending Shaylah's Canine Commands and being trained by Kaleigh Bell.  True to her breed, Clover is an affectionate companion dog who is outgoing, happy and confident. This is why the Wilkes family knew she would be great as a therapy dog.  Clover can not wait to meet you.  Her tail is already wagging.

Clover with trainer and Fredonia alumna Kaleigh Olson (left) and Interim Director of Reed Library Kerrie Wilkes

Clover with trainer and Fredonia alumna Kaleigh Olson (left) and Interim Director of Reed Library Kerrie Wilkes

About Clover's Training

Shaylah's K-9 Commands

Clover is currently being trained by Kaleigh Olson at Shaylah's K-9 Commands. Below is a brief introduction by Kaleigh:

"I am a 2013 alumnus of Fredonia State. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a concentration in Management. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years of education at Fredonia State which led me to staying in the area upon graduation.

In 2017, I established my professional dog training business, Shaylah’s Canine Commands, LLC. My business is named after my 11-year-old Golden Retriever “Shaylah” who I got during my time as a college student. I train pet obedience dogs, therapy dogs for schools and nursing homes, service dogs for disabled veterans and private clients, working K-9’s for police departments, healthcare networks, and Search and Rescue K-9’s.

It is a true honor to have the privilege to work with Fredonia State and train a therapy dog for the library to help students manage their stresses and anxieties. I am highly anticipating that “Clover” and her handler Kerrie Wilkes will be a great asset to the students and staff at Fredonia State! I look forward to following their many years of successes as a therapy dog team!"

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