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Clover: Home


You've reached the website of Clover, Reed Library's resident therapy dog. This site contains information on Clover and therapy dogs in general.

Program Goals

College (and life) can be hard and libraries can be intimidating.  Clover simply wants to help you in your path to success.  Sometimes, we just need a little puppy-love to keep going.  

Therapy Dogs are trained to be attentive to a person's emotional needs.  Reed Library's therapy dog program aims to provide a safe-space where students, faculty and staff can interact with Clover to reduce anxiety and stress.  As a therapy dog in-residence, Clover's presence in Reed will offer students a consistent opportunity to experience the calming presence and pure joy that comes from a therapy dog.  Reed Library wants students to feel supported through the therapy dog program and seeks to have students feel comfortable using our library and its many services and programs to enhance their Fredonia experience. 

a small dog looking up at the camera
Clover sitting with two Fredonia students

Arranging for a visit from Clover

Clover likes to host events that occur at Reed Library. Her availability will be limited to on-campus events at Reed Library and will depend on her and her owner/handler's schedule.

Please email Kerrie at to inquire about holding your next event at Reed Library with Clover as your host.  Clover has hosted programs for the Social Work Club and Student Library Advisory Club in the Fall of 2022 and would love to work with you.

About Clover's Visits

When will Clover be in Reed Library?

All of her visits will be advertised in advance via this website, Reed Library's social media accounts, and on a poster located at the entrance to Reed Library. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs or animals in general, so we want to give everyone advance notice.  Clover and her handler,  Library Director, Kerrie Fergen Wilkes, will begin walking around the library at the advertised time.  

What happens when Clover visits?

Clover is trained to greet people and simply wants to be petted (and have her picture taken).  She will walk around the library.  You can interact with her or not.  It's always your choice.  She is still a puppy and only has the stamina for 30-45 minutes at a time. 

Why can't I bring my dog to Reed if Clover is allowed? 

Clover is certified and has been approved to be on-campus and in campus buildings.  This is her job (and one she loves). Emotional support animals, and/or your personal pet are still not allowed in Reed Library. 

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