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Music Collection: Find Books & Scores

The Music Collection guide.

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Call Numbers

M1 → M1.A15 Music printed or copied in manuscript in the United States or the colonies before 1860
M1.A5 → M3.3 Collections
M5 M1480 Instrumental music
M1490 Music printed or copied in manuscript before 1700
M1495 → M2199 Vocal music
M5000 Unidentified compositions

Above are general call number ranges. For a more detailed classification outline, consult the Library of Congress M Classification Guide. 

ML 1 → ML 5 Periodicals. Serials
ML 12 → ML 21 Directories. Almanacs
ML 25 → ML 28 Societies and other organizations
ML 29 → ML 31 Special collections
ML 32 → ML 33 Institutions
ML 35 → ML 38 Festivals. Congresses
ML 40 → ML 44 Programs
ML 45 Circulars and advertisements
ML 46 Scrapbooks
ML 47 → ML 54.8 Librettos. Texts. Scenarios
ML 55 → ML 89 Aspects of the field of music as a whole
ML 93 → ML 96.5 Manuscript studies and manuscripts
ML 100 → ML 109 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
ML 110 → ML 111.5 Music librarianship
ML 112 → ML 112.5 Music printing and publishing
ML 112.8 → ML 158.8 Bibliography
ML 159 → ML 3785 History and criticism
ML 3790 → ML 3792 Music trade
ML 3795 Music as a profession. Vocational guidance
ML 3797 → ML 3799.5 Musical research
ML 3800 → ML 3923 Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music
ML 3928 → ML 3930 Literature for children

Above are general call number ranges. For a more detailed classification outline, consult the Library of Congress M Classification Guide. 

MT 1 General works
MT 2.5 Music study abroad
MT 3 → M T5 History
MT 5.5 → MT 7 Music theory
MT 9 → MT 15 Printed pedagogical aids
MT 17 Music in special education
MT 18 Music in colleges and universities
MT 20 → MT 34 Systems and methods
MT 35 → MT 39 Notation
MT 40 → MT 67 Composition. Elements and techniques of music
MT 68 Improvisation. Accompaniment. Transposition
MT 70 → MT 74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT 75 Interpretation
MT 80 Embellishment
MT 82 Memorizing
MT 85 Conducting. Score reading and playing
MT 87 Community music
MT 88 Administration and instruction of vocal groups
MT 90 → MT 146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
MT 150 Audio-visual aids
MT 155 Music theory for children
MT 165 Tuning
MT 170 → MT 810 Instrumental techniques
MT 820 → MT 915 Singing and vocal technique
MT 918 → MT 948 School music
MT 950 Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc.
MT 955 → MT 956 Musical theater
MT 960 Music in the theater

Above are general call number ranges. For a more detailed classification outline, consult the Library of Congress M Classification Guide. 


IMSLP - International Music Score Library Project (Petrucci Music Library)  
A community-built library of public domain sheet music. Extensive collection of original scores scanned to PDF. One of the best online resources for finding free public domain sheet music on the Web.
Choral Public Domain Library 
A wiki-style repository of free choral/vocal scores, texts, translations, and other useful information.
Mutopia Project 
Classical sheet music, based on editions in the public domain, available for for free download.
Project Gutenberg: The Sheet Music Project 
A source for public domain sheet music, available in Finale or XML formats for download.
Sibley Music Library Digital Scores Collection 
An online collection of public domain scores, many that are unique to the Sibley Music Library collection

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